Kirby but he's Yarn

Kirbys Epic Yarn holds a special place in my heart due to being a childhood game of mine. It was probably one of the first games I ever played that I have memory of playing, alongside things like Paper Mario 64 and Pokemon Rumble, among other things. Kirbys Epic Yarn was one of the best things Ever to my tiny child brain. The main thing I remember is the apartment buildings: Specifically Kirbys. Kirby got his own apartment building, and you could customize it, so what I would do is I would spend literal HOURS in the apartment building listening to the music and pretending I was friends with kirby enemies, because of the fact there were kirby enemy plushies you could put in the apartment building.

Despite the fact that I have such good memories of Kirbys Epic Yarn, I don't actually remember a lot aside from the apartment building thing and the characters. The game certainly was fun, I just don't remember a lot about the levels themselves. One thing I remember was you collected things for your apartment within the levels, and you could collect beads which were the main currency. Oh, there was a level where Kirby turned into a monster truck and raced a bunch of guys.

I actually remember that, at points, my brother would play with me, and I actually annoyed him with how often I spent hours just inside the apartment buildings, because he just wanted to play the game, but I wanted to pretend I was friends with Meta Knight, so I guess he loses. And even when I did actually play levels, I just played the levels where Kirby turned into a dolphin, because water levels in video games my beloved. I do not think my brother had a fun time.