little..... guy,..
Sorbet Shark Cookie is my son. They're just a little guy. I mean, look at them. They're a little shark! They're just a little guy who wants to be a person and have friends! They wanted to become a cookie so that they could see all the stuff on land! Why wouldn't you like this funny little guy! They're literally just so shaped. They are meant to be your friend.

I've experienced my full month obsessions with Cookie Run where i'd just play the game (Ovenbreak) nonstop, and Sorbet was always one of my favorites. The fact that they were so friend shaped, their backstory was just so nice, and I'm kind of a sucker for oceanic animal designs. I also played Kingdom for a bit, but my tablet struggles to run that thing, so that one I don't focus on as much. I actually have Sorbet and their pet maxed in Ovenbreak, thanks to the special event that was literally just an event made for maxing Sorbet Shark.

You can literally just hold them in your hand, honestly. They are so small. Put them in your cart. Purchase them for $29.99. Tuck them into bed. Feed them a nice meal. I don't totally know where I'm going with this but just know I love this little guy. I'd die for them.