Hi. So. Splatoon! Splatoon sure do be gaming! Actually, before I continue, I should specify I'm talking about 3. ANYWAYS I have sunk so many hours into Splatoon you have no idea. The moment I can check I'll edit this part to say how many hours, but atm I can't check. I was there for the Splatfest testfire, where I probably spent atleast a couple hours, and then when Splat 3 dropped I'm pretty sure I got it day one? And the first season I got the catalog finished and got the second catalog up to level 77. Insane. Losing it.

Needless to say, Splatoon 3 is fun, I love the fucking silly little guys in it ESPECIALLY some of the new ones that are just. They are shaped. They are made to be cared for. Ultimate example: Smallfry. This is your friend. They have been assigned as your friend. You WILL take them. Thank you.